If your blackberry plant has more than eight canes after removing the dead and broken canes, select the strongest four canes to keep and prune the rest back to the ground. Fruited canes are cut right back, the current year’s new growth left to fruit next year. Growing blackberries takes a little patience. Suckers grow from the outside of the canes as small shoots that suck energy and nutrients from the rest of the blackberry plant. Prune each main cane back to 3-4’. J Thomas, Poole, Dorset . I have to admit to allowing my rather rampant blackberry … Prune off suckers with the pruning scissors. The following … Prune thornless blackberries for the first time after planting. You can let them grow freely as a bush, but the easy way to get the most fruit is called the weaving system. Pruning blackberries is quite similar to pruning raspberries. Pruning Blackberries . Erect and semi-erect varieties should be tipped or cut back to 3-4’ in midsummer. Prune trailing blackberries in the spring for good growth habits. Pruning blackberries Blackberries and hybrids such as loganberries and tayberries are all pruned in the same way. Blackberry branch for pruning. How do I prune my blackberry ‘Oregon Thornless’? Joan J – A good prickle-less cultivar, making handling for pruning and picking much more bearable. Harvest blackberries when they are dark red to almost black. Blackberries grow well in zones 5-10. The label didn’t include any pruning instructions. Prune the remaining four canes back to 6 inches. At that point it's time to start thinking of taking cuttings /layering or replacing the bush. Despite their different habit, blackberries are treated the same way as summer-fruiting raspberries. Most blackberry types produce canes the first season (primocanes) that do not bear fruit. Blackberries don't grow as enthusiastically as raspberries, but they also will yield better with regular pruning. A heavy cropper whose fruits store well. Blackberry bushes have a lifespan of many decades however the amount of fruit produced will start to decline after 15 to 20 years. Blackberries and other hybrid berries such as tayberries and loganberries are ideal soft fruits to grow against a wall or fence where you can train the long, new growth. How to Train & Prune Blackberry Bushes . This helps keep the plants healthy and makes an unruly plant neat and tidy. As with raspberries, they're prone to diseases that can spread rapidly if the plants aren't maintained. We use a pruning cycle to encourage strong new growth, which replaces the … The following year they start bearing. Polka – This is quite a tall cultivar at around 6 feet. For larger blackberry plants, prune the remaining canes so they are no more than 7 feet tall. This forces lateral branches to … HOW TO SUPPORT AND PRUNE BLACKBERRIES In recent years new varieties have been bred which have two key characteristics. Remove dead or broken canes cutting them off at the ground. Pruning Blackberries. The first year you get your plants established. Because of this, pruning is vital with blackberries, so be sure to check out the section on how to prune. Blackberries (Rubus spp.) Planting Blackerries - Browse our Blackberry Plants for Sale Blackberries are a really easy plant to grow. Growing Zones. are included in the group of small fruits generally referred to as ‘brambles’ or ‘caneberries.’ They have perennial crowns and roots. Then cut back side branches to about 12”, leaving five or six buds on each.