Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel. Flec Posts: 708 Officer. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * 1 Review Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 Excellent. I’m a largemouth bass fisherman, but with the winter coming, I’m going to start fishing for crappie, trout, etc. and other smaller fish, to get through the winter.. Compare Compare Now. Thanks in advance 0. Pflueger Patriarch XT Spinning Reel - Size 35. Going to be getting 4 new reels and I am torn between the Sedona 500FD, President 6920 and 6925. 06-06-2009 #2. Compare Compare Now. Im am ordering a spinning reel from bps and have narrowed it down to a Shimano Sahara and a Pflueger President. Posts: 995. Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel. As a side note, i usually go with shimano, as i own a lot of them and have never had a problem. Shimano Sedona, or Pflueger President…Go! Hello everyone, I’m going to buy a Pflueger President fishing reel to get myself through the winter in the Northeast USA – Pennsylvania. All Pflueger spinning reels are made to be lightweight, durable, and easy to use while preventing knots and snags. $79.95. I don’t know what size Pflueger President fishing reel to get (20, 25?) I decided on between the Shimano Sedona and the Pflueger president in the 500 to 1000 size. IMO it seems that the president has a smoother retrieve but the supreme has a better gear ratio for drop shot and is lighter by 0.8 ozs. $199.95. Saint Paul, MN. Compare Compare Now. Thanks for all the help in advance. Which do you think is better? What do you guys prefer? Ben Putnam. These 2 reels are mentioned on his website. I just don't have the time using them as I do the Pfluegers. $249.95. Let the debate begin! Daiwa BG vs Pflueger President. Participant. They are famous for their fly reels, spinning reels, spin cast reels, and low profile reels. Sale! The Pflueger President spinning reel is a superb all-around design that's ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing. My local bait and tackle store is having an opening day trout sale tomorrow. April 3 in General Fishing #1. This is not exactly apples to apples but these two reels have often been mentioned as best choices. Compare Compare Now. I guess I should add that I do own a couple of RG2500's, they are smooth and have been reliable. I was planning on buying a sedona to go with my new panfish rod but the pflueger president got such good reviews, i thought id give it a shot. Which will hold up better? I have had my new BG 2000 for about 3 months now and caught quite a few fish including some good size snook,trout,reds,jacks,etc. Among the available brands, Pflueger is a renowned and leading manufacturer of various fishing reels since 1881. Shimano4Life. The President and Supreme series are both fun to use without breaking the bank. Pflueger Monarch Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. I will use the reel on a daiwa spinmatic ultralight 2 piece rod. Im wanting to purchase a drop shot reel I seem to be stuck between the president and supreme. Pflueger President 25x Fishing Reel For those looking for a bit more versatility and action out of a spinning reel, than give the Pflueger Model 25x President a try. $49.99. Engineered to operate smoothly, Pflueger fishing reels may improve the accuracy and range of your cast. December 6, 2013 at 7:38 pm #1359117. pflueger president vs shimano sedona Which is the better reel? I have this paired on a few of my fishing rods for bottom bouncer fishing . PFLUEGER Pflueger New President Spinning Reels PRESSP Series CHOOSE YOUR MODEL.