The Assist is the first class the get and AoE attack. With Ringmaster HnR method you cant slow down the mob. The only stat you won’t use is Intelligence. Vagrant>Mercenary>Blade – that is the job tree to becoming a blade. Kfrite Gaming Recommended for you. the only problem is their epu. Clockworks FlyFF is the an international Flyff Server with a thriving community and years of experience. Assist. Still have questions? On the other hand, an Assist may also choose to equip a knuckle and shield to become strong and self-suficient fighter. - If you can, level with a partner, it's fun, efficient and will almost always help you level as they can heal you, dps or even attack at range. Skills:Psykeepers are the best class in the Magician class for 1v1 battles and PvP. Builds of the Assist [edit | edit source] There are Lots of Builds for the Assist, mean Billposters or sweet Ringmasters, anything is possible with the Assist class. Build#2: 15 Str 60-ish Sta 15 Dex xxx Int Clockworks Rm. The second array of elemental skills is different. How to set up a Nano 16 Gallon Reef Tank #nuvo16 - Duration: 7:42. They're around the same power level, except for the Earth one. Skill Weapon Type Description Bonus Devine Radiance Sticks Single Skill Deals INT based damage on target enemy, can be used in the action slot. Builds III. 1:44. I have a basic idea but some reassurance would be nice. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. When mastered it will give a nice +25% attack speed bonus. Cool-down 30 seconds. Oh, and Prevention at the early stages of AoEing isn't neccessary. A Beta guide onto making a good Magician in FlyFF Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. One of the two Assist second classes. A Ringmaster is an advanced form of supportive Assist. II. What is a rm? THere is a guide for Flyff players. Assists use sticks, shields and knuckles.Sticks are used for buffing and healing, while the combination of shields and knuckles are used for melee fighting. FS , fs meens Full Support, (or Full Shout in some cases), full support assists will only add INT to increase their healing and buffing performance. A full int FS is one of the most common builds used for a soon to be ringmaster.They use their very focused mind to superpower other peoples abilities and strengths.They may lack in defence and health points, but they hardly ever fight until level 80+ so they just blend in with the background. Where the FS will need a partner to level the BP build may self-buff and fight on there own. I already have the Marksman set actually. The stats here do not stray far from the RPG norm. With that in mind your chance of getting killed is greatly increased. Stat Pets IV. Assist - The assist is the priest or medic in Flyff. In diesem Klassen Guide seht ihr wie ihr euren Full Support RIngmaster (fs rm ) in Flyff (Fly For Fun) am besten ausstattet. Suggestions. int is no needed for a battle ringmaster/ billposter. Download the game and play now! Skill Weapon Type Description Bonus Asmodeus Knuckles Buff Increases striking power. Their Spirit Bomb, which is based on the % (Percentage) of MP and INT can soar to huge numbers. N/A Holy Cross Sticks Single Skill Target enemy takes 1.5x damage for a limited time. so you no need to add int. Discover Flyff FAQ Community. Below is a video of my Ringmaster … In Flyff ,the Ringmaster is the other second job class for the Assist class.There is a basic Ringmaster guide for you.if you want to learn something from the guide ,just look through.Hope the article can help you. Bulk Reef Supply Recommended for you. To build this build, just add STA until your desired level (60-120 depending on your equips), and then add INT for the rest of your Int-AoE Billposter life ^^. ... nope because it is a skill. For the skills, max Heap Up, Burst Crack, Beef Up, StoneHand, Cats Reflexes. Remember, I will just be posting the builds that I have tried in playing Flyff and also discuss a few PROs and CONs for it. FLYFF RING MASTER AOE LV 124 - Duration: 1:44. Go back to: Home | Classes Ringmaster - A primary supporting class that has great protective and healing magic. Clockworks FlyFF is the an international Flyff Server with a thriving community and years of experience.