Thank you for visiting us. In February 2020, a total of 2,551 ... Tibbs was convicted on the basis of a false eyewitness identification and an alleged confession to a fellow inmate. You tell it to me like it is even when the things you say are not always the things that I would like to hear. Your client was certainly fortunate to have you as his attorney.” (Local federal court attorney present at a sentencing), “I can’t thank you enough, not only for all of the tireless work that you and your staff put into my case, but for telling me what I needed to hear, at a time when I absolutely had to hear it. The two officers began following a man who they suspected may have been responsible for earlier violent attacks on random citizens. Eyewitness testimony is not always about identifying the perpetrator. summarize the lat est findings on false memory and eyewitness testimony in the literature, and to shed some light on how the Chinese legal system may incorporate these experiences into practice. With the many cases where an eyewitness testimony has wrongfully convicted a suspect, one would think that the use of eyewitness evidence as the most important piece of evidence would be removed. Out of my 36 years … I have never seen such kindness before. Otherwise put, it’s important that law enforcement treat eyewitness identification evidence with the same care that physical evidence requires: it must be both carefully gathered and preserved. Memory also deteriorates while we store it. Please avoid sharing any personal information in the comments below and join us in making this a hate-speech free and safe space for everyone. When eyewitnesses are mistaken, they are not lying – they sincerely believe that they have identified the right person and have often been led to that belief by poor or biased investigations. Both Connecticut and Massachusetts have taken the lead on this issue and ruled that these in-court procedures can only be used under very specific circumstances and we are working to persuade other states to follow their lead. We have previously written about the problems with relying on eyewitness testimony to solve crimes and secure convictions. It really is amazing — and kind of scary — how unreliable memory can be. The one consistent detail between all three stories is that the suspect was shot by an officer. So, these courts have embraced approaches like giving special instructions in eyewitness cases, or allowing expert testimony to provide jurors with the information they need to reach fair and accurate verdicts. Their cases are featured in part two of the series, The Witness (episodes 4-6). Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. Even if he allows it, he will have to instruct the jury about the variables that can lead to misidentification. It is actually funny when I think about my other past attorney’s knowledge and then when I talk with you. We simply don’t reliably encode everything we see. Recent laboratory studies of SIM and SEQ lineups have attempted to overcome this problem using expressed confidence as a proxy for the eyewitness decision criterion or …. In-court identifications are simply unreliable; they dispense with every proper practice. One witness picked Hallam out of a police lineup while another identified him in an interview. Training on proper eyewitness identification procedures is critical so that law enforcement understands the value of the reforms. Research has also taught us that people tend to focus their attention on a weapon rather than on the face of the person wielding that weapon. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. What to Expect from ‘The Innocence Files,’ Netflix’s New Documentary Series. I consider myself blessed for everything turning out the way it did, especially since I blindly picked you out of a phone book! As we close out 2020, donate to justice in the new year —. Charles Don Flores' mugshot bears little resemblance to a sketch based on an eyewitness's description given shortly after the murder. Police should never permit repeated identification procedures, and only use show-ups when absolutely necessary. This is called “blind administration.”. There are still some really good people around.” (Federal criminal appeal client), “There is no other attorney I’ve ever even heard of I’d rather have as chief counsel and leader of my defense/appeals than Jerome Buting. The state’s case rested entirely on false eyewitness testimony. Louisiana Governor Signs Landmark Eyewitness Identification Bill into Law. EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY. I put this along with my children being born healthy and when I survived that horrific shooting. In studying this issue, we have learned that people tend to be less accurate when making cross-race identifications.