But it’s actually a thing. And in order for me to buy this again, it needs to taste great with only water. * Each serving of MAXIMUM WHEY delivers 25 grams of fast-acting protein per scoop, including 11.9 grams of naturally occurring essential amino acids. Now before I can send you the free 10-Minute Miracles download, you need to check your email to confirm your subscription. Home » What We're Eating » Cookies and Cream Protein Shake, Lasted edited October 13, 2020. But I must say, it’s a great touch to give it that real Cookies And Cream taste and feel. It tastes good with nearly anything. You only need three basic ingredients, plus ice and a pinch of salt: a scoop of vanilla protein powder, milk, and chocolate graham crackers. Often, "Oreo Ice Cream" or "Oreo Milkshake" is synonymous for "Cookies and Cream.". The flavor was not too sweet and not too overbearing. In my experience, including protein in each of my meals and snacks seems to be one of the best ways to power through my days and keep my hunger at bay. Unsubscribe at any time. . The best almond milk, IMHO, is Almond Breeze. Especially if you are a Cookies And Cream fan. It tastes so good and doesn't leave a bad after taste at all! I got the cookies and cream flavor and I would say it doesn't taste that good when I'm only mixing it with water. Pulse the blender just a few more times to incorporate the "cookies.". Your photos are amazing, too! That said, you can substitute with your own favorite protein powder — or see my notes below for a recipe variation without protein powder. The GNC Cookies & Cream is the best flavored Whey Protein I have ever had! And as I always say, if a protein powder can taste good with just water, it’s a protein powder worth buying. With so many good reviews I was expecting a better tasting product, hopefully it's just this flavor that's lacking. Oh my goodness this just looks delicious! Silk almond milk is absolutely horrid, but I’ve heard their cashew milk is good. 1. Items per Page. A comparable product would be Dymatize Elite Whey Protein. Also it doesn't mix that well without hot water. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I'd much rather indulge in a milkshake! Whey Protein On Keto: Does Whey Protein Kick You Out Of Ketosis? I didn’t think this would taste good at first either. I also like this Quest Vanilla Milkshake protein powder. In fact, I urge you to buy this just because of how good it tastes with those two. Not exactly like it though. Learn how your comment data is processed. Well you’re about to see right now. Why? It’s a crowd favorite. But anyways, it’ll be my first time tasting it. Click Here To Get A 5lb Tub! As well as that thick consistency. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Set that aside, because you'll need it in just a minute! Donna, That's great, Donna! These protein powders help muscle growth post-exercise and taste good. It brings out the sweetness, but doesn't actually make the smoothie taste salty. Sign up for my exclusive emails and get this free guide! With this flavor, I thought I’d add in a little twist to make this shake taste EVEN BETTER. I wasn’t expecting this from Optimum Nutrition. Plus, you get to add a bit of sweets into your diet without going overboard. ... 100% Whey Gold Standard Cookies And Cream (142) Pure Protein. Very satisfactory and will recommend to anyone! Then, after that it was just OK. So I searched a recipe that I can do with this flavor: 1 scoop of whey protein powder, banana, 1spoon of PB, and milk of your choice (I use almond milk) and it turned out to be so yummy! On its own, this smoothie is probably not enough to serve as a stand-alone meal. Why? © 2017–2020 The Seasoned Mom     About     Privacy. Combine protein powder, ice, milk and salt in a high speed blender. I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Ꮩery good info. Your #1 Site For Whey Protein Powder Reviews (and more...)! Whether you’re concerned or not about the calories, you don’t have to worry about that. Hi Blair, thanks for your quick response! The taste is not very consistent. Buy 1 for $29.99 ... All you need in a great protein is premium high-quality ingredients and for it to taste great - Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is exactly that. It mixes well and the taste is amazing!! Puree until thick and smooth. I’m lactose in tolerant and try to consume a little bit of dairy so it doesn’t completely become a nuisance to my body and this protein for the most part treats me well! Since when did Cookies And Cream go with bananas? I have IBS and the product has never caused any issue, highly recommend. But it wasn’t good either. There are other Optimum Nutrition flavors I prefer over this one. Originally published January 22, 2019 by Blair. Today's Cookies and Cream recipe is definitely one of the best! 1 - 64 of 72. So take my opinion with a grain of salt. But it wasn’t good either. From the best vanilla, chocolate, and even cookies and cream flavors, these are the best. Whey itself does not reduce fat, but taking in more protein often assists with fat loss efforts. I wish I had time to make such shake every time I go to gym =(, Thanks so much, Kate! The healthy breakfast recipe is an easy way to satisfy your cravings in about 5 minutes! I find that the salt just helps the smoothie not taste "bland." this Quest Vanilla Milkshake protein powder, my favorite IdealLean Cake Batter protein powder, A bagel topped with nut butter, butter, or cream cheese, If you’re preparing this healthy smoothie for kids, you can, I prefer whey protein for flavor and thickness in this smoothie, but if you prefer a, If you have trouble finding chocolate graham crackers at your grocery store, you can substitute with a handful of. $69.99. Each great tasting serving contains 24 g of premium whey protein to support muscle growth and 5.5 g of naturally occurring BCAAs. There was an error submitting your subscription. Pure Protein100% Whey Protein helps keep your body fit and ready for action by providing the essential amino acids needed to help support lean muscle, energy, vitality and strength. Cookies and Cream 2. Spartan Whey Double Stuffed Cookies & Cream 5lbs (Best Before Aug 31, 2021) In stock. It tastes like a Cookies and Cream Milkshake from the local ice cream parlor -- but this version is low calorie, low sugar, and high in protein. this looks amazing. Overall, this is a low price for a decent protein product, just don't get cookies and cream. P.S. I think I'm on a mission to create as many jazzed-up protein shakes as possible. The taste became unbearable, but it was only with the first sip. So I searched a recipe that I can do with this flavor: 1 scoop of whey protein powder, banana, 1spoon of PB, and milk of your choice (I use almond milk) and it turned out to be so yummy! That said, the smoothie makes a perfect light snack on its own — at any time of day! MAXIMUM WHEY is a superior tasting, high quality Whey Protein complex designed to support muscle building and recovery while delivering unmatched rich and creamy flavors. Especially when it has a milky taste on its own. Excellent in overnight oats with chia or flaxseed, makes me look forward to my breakfast! This was definitely different from any other protein flavor I’ve tried. You should try mixing your protein powders with 8 to 16 oz of unsweetened almond milk and 1 ounce of heavy cream. You can also subscribe without commenting. Double Rich Chocolate: a strong chocolate flavour, good with both water and milk 2. Overall, it’s very unique but not outstanding. Also it doesn't mix that well without hot water. I might favor it a bit too much. Easy to make, so tasty, and the perfect treat that’s healthy and full of protein. Because it didn’t taste anything like it did the first time. If you’re training hard, then your body should be able to effectively utilize most of the nutrients in one serving size, although there is a lot of carbs and protein per serving for the average person (unless you’re a real mass monster).So… a good idea is to split a recommended serving in half and plug in your numbers accordingly to meet your daily needs. They’re pretty simple. Bonuses also include low calories, bcaa and fast and slow digesting proteins. With just milk, it already tasted like a Cookies And Cream milkshake. Put simply, "Cookies and Cream" or "Cookies n' Cream" is a common ice cream or milkshake flavor based on chocolate cookies. This post was originally published in April, 2015. I just got a new blender, and I can't wait to try some! The healthy breakfast recipe is an easy way to satisfy your cravings in about 5 minutes! I'd like to receive the free email course. Very satisfied with the product. It just gets a little too sweet after a while. Thick, creamy, and melts away in your mouth. Think about it. This site uses affiliate links for certain products and receives a small commission (at no cost to you) whenever you purchase a product. This cookies and cream “ice cream” is made with frozen bananas, whey protein, and coconut cream. Our whey-based powder optimizes post-workout muscle repair … Cookies And Cream Protein Shake Recipe. Slowly add just enough milk to get it smooth and creamy. Buy 2, Get 1 Free Free Shipping $49+ Quick View The Vanilla Milkshake is awesome!! It does taste better than it does with just water though. Required fields are marked *. Filter. Very little prep time needed to put this together. Welcome to my farmhouse kitchen in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. That said, you can make the Cookies and Cream flavor without Oreos...and that's exactly what I've done here... You're going to love how simple this protein shake recipe truly is! With this flavor, I thought I’d add in a little twist to make this shake taste EVEN BETTER. It's down-home, country-style cooking! The Optimum Nutrition vanilla whey protein powder flavor tastes pretty great with water. It’s thicker, sweeter, and has that milkshake-like texture. cookies and cream milkshake, cookies and cream recipe, protein shake, smoothie recipes, unsweetened vanilla cashew milk, almond milk, or regular milk of choice, Optional garnish: whipped topping, additional graham cracker, or chocolate syrup. Cookies and Cream Protein Shake Treat yourself to a thick and creamy Cookies and Cream Protein Shake! * How can Cookies And Cream not taste good in milk? You won’t taste anything but peanut butter. , o wow! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. ), Pump Chasers: GAF Whey Review PEACH COBBLER Protein Powder. This one is also a weird combination. Hah! I poured one scoop of protein powder and peanut butter into a cup of water. Enjoy! It does mix well, taste is smooth, not chalky, I find with all the protein powders I've used that if I sit them in the fridge for 10-15 min. Combining these two gives you the ultimate cookies and cream flavor you’re truly looking for. . I made my smoothie with chocolate protein powder, a small amount of unsweetened cocoa powder as per your notes, ice, unsweetened coconut almond milk, a few slices of frozen banana (and the salt) and it was very delicious!!! This elite protein powder features a unique blend of 7 forms of protein, including WPI Protein Complex (Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate) and WPC5 Protein Complex™ (Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Casein, Potassium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, and … It is absolutely outstanding and is low in carbs. It does taste better than it does with just water though. Many brands have it. Cookies and cream protein bars are a homemade version of the Quest Cookies and Cream protein bars. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! People with damaged livers or kidneys should exercise caution when increasing protein intake quickly and without a physician’s guidance. It wasn’t nasty. Finding a Tastier Protein Powder Brand Read online reviews for different brands and flavors. No spam guaranteed. Your email address will not be published. It also mixes very well and I didn't find it to be expensive at all! But with a banana, it becomes one. It almost tasted like salt water or water from a lake. Mixes well has a nice taste. Click Here To Get A 2lb Tub! Bodybuilding.com (Worldwide) Just when I thought Optimum Nutrition would run out of flavors, I stumbled upon this one. I һave bօok-marked it for later! Sort By. I think I like the idea but I'm not sure if it will taste salty. Review summary for Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate Cookies and Cream 1 6 lbs, based on 733 user reviews: OVERALL - 8.7/10. And Optimum Nutrition isn’t the only one with this flavor. The initial sip was great. What also makes a protein powder worth buying is if it tastes close to the real thing. After training, your body uses protein to help repair and rebuild muscle fibres. Once the creamy base of the smoothie is blended, add the crushed graham cracker. And believe me, this tasted a lot better. It tastes like a Cookies and Cream Milkshake from the local ice cream parlor -- but this version is low calorie, low sugar, and high in protein. Highly recommend!! Click Here To Get a 2lb Tub! Mass Gainer Cookies And Cream. I also really like the flavors, although cookies and cream does get tiring after a couple days. Overall, my favorite protein brand by far. This is something that sounds way too sweet for some people to others absolutely amazing. Would you please share what the salt is used for? Soft, chewy, and made with healthy ingredients, these cookies and cream protein bars take 10 minutes to make! Follow The Seasoned Mom on Instagram and show us what you're making! Mocha Capuccino: artificial taste, good with milk, bad with water 3. It delivers 24 g of whey protein to support muscle growth. You’ll either need to boost the calories and fat content by mixing in nut butter, coconut oil, or flax; or, you can serve the smoothie as a side along with a larger breakfast. It really does taste quite like melted down vanilla ice cream. it’s packed with protein and cookies! It wasn’t nasty. It has 130 calories per serving comes in various flavors, with the most popular being chocolate peanut butter, chocolate milk, vanilla, and cookies & cream. Your email address will not be published. Compared to other top protein powders, the 100% Whey Protein line is solid except for the cookies and cream flavor which is absolutely horrid. Before trying this, I had high expectations. https://healthwholeness.com/protein-foods/protein-cookie-recipes Size 22 Servings / 22 Servings Per Container. What really surprised me though, were the “cookies.”. Donna. I normally take my protein shake by itself but this is perfect. However, if you drink this with milk and a banana, you will absolutely be hooked. I found several dessert recipes combining cookies and cream with peanut butter. Whey Protein. , That's awesome, Dee! Enjoy that blender -- I know you'll love these treats! The healthy breakfast recipe is an easy way to satisfy your cravings in about 5 minutes! Vegan and Gluten Free. For instance, I like to enjoy my protein smoothies with: Or anything else that you think sounds delicious! With milk, peanut butter, and a banana, there’s just no getting tired of it. Your email address will not be published. If you want to try Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream for yourself, just visit one of the links below to get yours now: Amazon (US | UK | CA | ES | DE | FR) my husband and i love it and we tried this recipe and it turned out to be super delicious. Thanks. I hope that you have a chance to try one soon! "Cookies and Cream" ice cream or milkshakes are often made by combining Oreo cookies with the vanilla or sweet cream base. I first had it with a cold glass of water. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Just imagine sipping a cookies and cream milkshake from your local store. My only problem is that it needs to be mixed with a banana or milk to be drinkable. This looks so good! Success! This protein is so worth it. Required fields are marked *. Blend them altogether and this is what you’ll get…. So if you want to buy this protein powder, don’t forget to give this a try. Just make sure that you’re pairing the smoothie with enough carbs and healthy fats to create a satisfying meal that won’t leave you starving an hour later. Protein … If you like, go ahead and garnish the protein shake with some whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, or some additional crushed graham cracker. Optimum Nutrition – COOKIES AND CREAM Review (With Pictures), The 5 Best Optimum Nutrition Flavors (And 1 To AVOID), Optimum Nutrition – MOCHA CAPPUCCINO Review (Best Flavor Ever? After a few weeks of this Cookies And Cream flavor, I didn’t like it anymore. The Optimum Nutrition whey protein Vanilla ice cream has a very rich robust and sweet vanilla flavor. Cookies and cream ice cream uses sweet cream ice cream (often vanilla) and chocolate cookies, especially chocolate sandwich cookies with a white cream filling. with Whey Protein 12 servings per tub / $ 4.16 per serving Powered by SuperStarch, UCAN Cookies & Cream Energy + Protein Powder is made with whey protein and has a delicious cookies and cream flavor. But beware, you might find yourself making this shake every day. I used the salt. I’m a sucker for cookies and cream ice cream. With the price you pay, you can’t go wrong with this blend. , Your email address will not be published. My favourite has to be Cookies and Cream. I have tried 6–7 flavors of Gold Standard whey. Here’s what you’ll need: Optimum Nutrition Cookies And Cream (of course) Cup of milk; 2 Oreo cookies Can you relate? That's it! And when it comes to Chocolate Malt, it does. I highly recommend that finishing touch! Whether they’re actual cookies or not, I don’t know. Treat yourself to a thick and creamy Cookies and Cream Protein Shake! Inspired by local traditions and seasonal fare, you'll find plenty of easy, comforting recipes that bring your family together around the table. That confirmation email should be waiting for you in your inbox! The peanut butter didn’t make it taste any better. It adds the perfect thick, creamy texture to the smoothie! Garnish with optional toppings! Goes Well With:Anything Drinking this with a cup of milk is incredible. all lumps dissolve. It's kind of like adding salt to cookies, cakes or other baked goods. salt, molasses, all purpose flour, crystallized ginger, unsalted butter and 8 more. This might be one of the best protein shake combinations I ever tried. So this didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Almost everyone loves Cookies And Cream. This shake is only about 450 calories and is packed with protein. To start, crush a chocolate graham cracker in a plastic bag. I do not recommend it. 1 2; Refine Your Results By: Departments. And to my surprise, it tasted similar to the actual Cookies and Cream ice cream. Treat yourself to a thick and creamy Cookies and Cream Protein Shake!