Oishi has different options regarding the finishing of the furniture.

Raw teak:

Silky touch, keeping the timber in its primary condition.

Teakseal Clear Shield protection:

Water based penetrating sealer, keeping the raw timber look and colour, protects teak from food and drink stains.

100% water based * No oils * Non greasy * No Solvents/VOC’s *

Non-toxic * Non-corrosive * Not harmful * 100% biodegradable

Oiled with Polix Hard wax Oil:

Slight darkening in colouring, and dependable of the application to obtain matt or satin finishing.

Stained and lacquered teak:

All teak furniture can be coloured and lacquered with spray gun and compressor in Sydney, using Mirotone products, therefore obtaining fully water-and stain proof finishes.

Commercial grade 2PAC finishing is also available.

Oishi carries a standard range of colouring, and offers also the facility of colour matching towards your already existing furniture.